Advanced Data Visualisation with Power BI

Seminar/Workshop – Power BI, Data Analytics, Data Visualisation, Workshop

Allgeier (Schweiz) AG

8. Juli 2021

This course was developed by the Microsoft Power BI Team. It focusses on Visualization techniques in Power BI. By the end of this course, you gain a better understanding of Storytelling with Data.

The course is broken down into 7 Modules with presentations, discussions and lab exercises:
- Module 1: What is Storytelling with Data
- Module 2: Science & Process Behind Data Visualization
- Module 3: Dashboard and Reports
- Module 4: Custom Visuals
- Module 5: Polishing and Formatting
- Module 6: Report Authoring – Best Practices
- Module 7: Dashboard Design

Prerequisites: Attendees should be familiar with basic Power BI Report design techniques and have attended some introductory training.

Language: English or German, depending on attendees.

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